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Several Million Dollars Settlement:

In December 2022, Attorneys Walter Bailey And Taurus Bailey Settled A Case Against An Apartment Complex For Several Million Dollars For Negligent Security And The Shooting Of Our Client.

USA v. ANDRIAN NELSON: 2:20-cr-20212-TLP

Attorney Taurus Bailey successfully approved a defendant’s innocence in a federal carjacking case, resulting in a dismissal on the day of trial.


Attorney Taurus, Bailey was able to prove misconduct on the part of the United States, attorney for withholding evidence, and was granted a new trial.

K. Jones v. Zanobia, LLC:

Attorneys Walter Bailey and Taurus Bailey settled a case where the Plaintiff slipped and fell in IHOP sustaining serious injuries. Without trial, the Plaintiff received $60,000 settlement.

Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985):

It was found that the use of deadly force to prevent escape is an unreasonable seizure under the Fourth Amendment, in the absence of probable cause that the fleeing suspect posed a physical danger.

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At Bailey & Bailey, PLLC, we detest mediocrity, and we will not tolerate it in ourselves or any of our staff. The Bailey & Bailey law firm best exemplifies this philosophy. Here are a few notable honors:

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  • Walter Bailey was appointed by the Tennessee Supreme Court to act as Chairman for the Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure.
  • Walter Bailey was victorious with the United States Supreme Court Case, Tennessee V. Garner outlawing police shootings of unarmed felons.

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Under Tennessee personal injury law, owners and occupiers of a premises have a legal obligation to make reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of others who enter the property whether they are residents or visitors. Therefore, if you suffer an injury on someone else’s property because they lacked adequate security or negligently allowed dangerous conditions to remain especially in high crime cities, YOU MAY HAVE A CASE!

Enforcing premises liability claims for assaults or shootings requires lawyers with experience beyond auto accidents and petty injuries. You need the Bailey attorneys! Fortunately, however, turning claims into cash for clients is exactly what our Memphis negligent security lawyers do for a living.

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Whether You Are Accused Of A Crime Or Just Had An Accident, Please Do Not Give Any
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